Our Approach

Our Philosophy

Objectivity is key and ROTR’s base line will look to the Bible being the inerrant word of God.   Christians need to have an equal voice in society and have their principals become a prominent part of the debates on the important issues our society is facing today.  The record needs to be set straight and the truth needs to be available to all.  Popular social media platforms are not the answer and in fact great examples of how we Christians are being deceived by our human tendencies.  These social media portals are open to all and judging by the tremendous amount of inappropriate content, these sites foster temptations the Apostle Paul preached vigilance on throughout his entire ministry.  Furthermore, due to the prevailing nature of the interactions taking place in these forums, many Christians rightfully choose not to participate in the social media spectrum, understanding they are one click away from what they want to be avoiding.

Haven’t we had enough?  Doesn’t there need to be a place where those who embrace Christian moral standards can have a significant voice in sharing news of helping and encouraging those in need?  Setting good examples and promoting Christian role models.  Displaying to the world what Christianity positively provides for humanity throughout all the earth; counter to what the media would have you believe?   Having one’s voice heard on today’s moral issue debates?   Comfortably enabling those who are followed by the masses to be able to proclaim how the Lord has played a commanding role in their fortunate lives? Doing all of this in a safe synergistic environment where constructive interacting can occur?

This is why “Roar on The Rock” is now entering this medium enabling Christians to have their own social media portal to “Roar” about their faith.  A platform where all participants will feel safe and secure to share their wisdom on faith with the disciples they attract. A refuge where “on The Rock” becomes the place those serious within the 2 billion+ proclaimed members of the body of Christ can connect and regain a visible voice of reason.  Here believers will be able to share their Christian wisdom, drawing in and guiding seekers toward biblical truth and become encouraged on a path toward the Lord.  Here one can boldly weigh in on the issues which desperately need Christian input. We will Roar about Christ our Rock!

Our Story